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Scale your business with Customerization
consultants and Zoho solutions

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of Zoho Partnership

Zoho Canada Corporation is pleased to recognize Customerization as an Advanced Partner for 2023

This prestegious partnership level reflects the company’s outstanding achievements in delivering high-quality services to clients using Zoho technologies

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Your company is growing and now you face new challenges like:


“We are adding salespeople which means we need technology to support them so we can manage our customer relationships better.”


”It felt like just yesterday we could run everything in the business on spreadsheets but now I need to hire people just to manage spreadsheets. That seems wasteful and expensive.”


”We are using software for our industry that is supposed to be flexible but I need this software to integrate with other systems and I’m wasting time every day trying to make it work.”


”We spend so much time on manual and repeatable tasks every day.”


”We are thinking of using Zoho but want to make sure we have the right implementation partner to support us.”

Business Growth Support

Experiencing high growth and want to evaluate your technology platforms to support that growth.

Business Automation

Needing help to automate business processes and seamlessly integrate with legacy/proprietary software and your new CRM.

Business Expert

Wanting Zoho expert implementation recommendations for Zoho CRM to maximize your investment.

Business Customerization

Wanting to leverage platform customization flexibility options to fit the solution to your individual business needs.

Ready to reduce customer frustration due to missed orders or the disconnect between internal departments.


Ready to unlock your data and make informed decisions based on it. Foster collaboration and teamwork based on access to relevant data & reports.

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Our business automation services work best for small and medium businesses

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Zoho consulting, implementation, and integration. Zoho CRM, Zoho One, Zoho Analytics and more. Zoho support packages.

Canada digital adoption training


Whether you’re just thinking of digitizing your business or have already figured out the direction, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting, implementation, and integration.

Zoho training min


A hands-on training framework that increases team productivity, cuts operational costs and leads to additional revenue generation.


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“With the right partner in Customerization, we feel we have maximized ROI, and are now seriously looking at expanding into our other areas of the Zoho platform to further enhance our business.”

Mickey Blayvas

Founder & CEO
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“Customerization knows Zoho inside and out, and so they were never forcing a solution on us, but rather spent time truly understanding what we had built to date, and how they could create a solution with the desired outcome.”

Jamie Draves

President and CEO
Quinta Quinoa

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“At Phoenix Imports, we didn’t have a CRM and were trying to run our business on spreadsheets. Once we selected Zoho CRM – we knew we needed expert help to move our data, set up a process for our sales reps to use the new tool and implement everything quickly. After talking to other companies who used Customerization and hearing about their experience and success, we knew we were on the right track by partnering with them.

We now have detailed reports on customer data, our sales reps have an easy to use form where they can efficiently enter data while on sales calls and it was all implemented quickly because Customerization listened to our needs, provided ideas and guided us to the best solution for our needs, while keeping us updated on progress with frequent check-ins that we were all on the same page.”

Wayne Forrest

Vice President – Operations and Finance
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“As we set up Zoho for our needs, we needed to build integrations and new modules to correctly capture, sort and link our data. Our reporting which we had previously set up took about 5 hours, and now with the Customerization optimization it only takes 15 min. The ROI on our time is outstanding!”

Fiona Dixon

Head of Operations

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“The results for all of the work so far is time back to me. These automations will save so much clerical time and effort that will be spent on making more money!”

Laney McCandless

DFW Camp Expo

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“I’d like to take a moment to thank Customerization for their help in setting up our CRM. Their service was professional, efficient, and comprehensive. Their expertise in integrating our current system with the software was invaluable. Every step of the process was handled with care and concern for an optimal experience.”

Anis Somji

Special Projects Manager


“Our business grew faster than we could handle, and we realized automating as many of our ongoing tasks would be the right path to growth.

Customerization team helped us THINK, prioritize, and choose the right solutions for our needs. Today, via Zoho, new leads are coming and we definitely have a higher return on our actions (investments of time and effort) as we used to have.”

Independent financial planning, Israel

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Product recall solution with Zoho Inventory; batch management.

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Full business operating system, from lead capture through the pipeline management to order management and shipping with Zoho One.

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End-to-end business management solution for an online certification institution. Zoho one and integrations with third party systems.

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Advanced CRM integrated with loan and mortgage origination platforms.

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Product recall solution with Zoho Inventory; batch management.

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Full business operating system, from lead capture through the pipeline management to order management and shipping with Zoho One.

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End-to-end business management solution for an online certification institution. Zoho one and integrations with third party systems.

Benefits of working with our team

We started Customerization because we believe that every business deserves a fit-for-purpose platform to operate effectively. Fully integrated revenue generation infrastructure makes businesses efficient, adaptable, and competitive. We convert decades of experience across industries and markets into each and every client’s success.

Local 145x145 min


Just around the corner, in Toronto. Speaking the same business language. Call us, see us in-person, solve problems over a call.

Experience 145x145 min


Decades of CRM, Business Applications and Cyber Security experience. In-house and on agency side.

Cost effective 145x145 min


Accurately priced services keep costs under control. Competitive pricing compared to alternatives.

Productive 145x145 min


We value your time, and ours too. The whole team is hands-on, no administrative resource waste.

Partner 145x145 min (1)


We focus on processes and solutions rather then software features. And deliver results you can trust.

Control 145x145 min


Dedicated project supervision at every stage. Scope it right, deliver on time and on budget.

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Are you getting the most out of Zoho?

You selected ZOHO to take your business to the next level, envisioning a quantum leap in sales, information flowing freely through your organization, a smooth transition to an online business model.

What’s the most effective way to achieve your goals?

Fully utilizing ZOHO’s potential requires specific expertise. You need experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of ZOHO and can quickly handle any implementation – from the simplest to the most complex – from speedy CRM configuration to integration with your ERP system and data migration, to effective training and user adoption.

That’s where we come in.

As an authorized ZOHO partner, we specialize in maximizing your ZOHO utilization and effectiveness. Our skilled team leverages extensive experience and creative problem-solving to design and implement your entire project — guiding you along every step of the way, helping you make smart choices that empower your organization, mitigate risks, and ensure that your vision of ZOHO’s potential becomes a reality.

We look forward to partnering with you on your ZOHO journey.

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Zoho has a very reasonable price for the value it brings. It is considered one of the most economically feasible and feature-rich solutions in the business technology market.

You can pay per user per app or you can choose to use app bundles that are priced under one umbrella. The latter fits when your org uses more than one app (e.g., Recruit and CRM) or when you need to serve different LOBs (e. g., Sales, Marketing, Service, Project Management, Finance, etc.)

There are also additional plugins and connectors that are not included in the bundle price, and can be purchased separately (e.g., enhanced social media or e-commerce platform connectors). As your implementation partner, we would work with you to define what apps/ bundles/ add-ons you need to purchase for your specific case.

An example of the bundle pricing is the Zoho One bundle:

In short, no, you don’t need a developer every time you want to make changes to your Zoho system. Zoho has an intuitive interface, and users are able to perform basic changes like:

  • adding or removing data fields
  • activating and deactivating apps in Zoho app bundles
  • playing with settings
  • pulling reports

However, from our experience with many clients, here are some tried & tested tips:

  • Go through Zoho User Training
  • Use a Zoho partner (like Customerization) to build out the basic setup and configuration and establish a support relationship to partner with you for your future changes.
  • When you’re customizing your system (which IS the point of configuring the system that fits your specific business needs and processes), you want to document each step and each change you make because changing stuff in one place can break something in another. Make small changes and test that everything still works; keep track of all your changes to reverse engineer if anything turns out differently than what you expected.
  • Keep the system in the hands of one/ max two people who are responsible for it in the organization as part of their day-to-day job responsibilities.  This should not be an afterthought system to manage.

That’s understandable. There’s a lot of information out there in the digital marketplace.  Let’s review a couple scenarios and give you some guidelines to follow.

  1. You are already on Zoho, and you need to maximize its effectiveness. This can be adding a module, or even designing and implementing a complex solution. You already have requirements, but need help on timelines, pricing and implementation expectations.

Here we will follow a similar process.  We will set up a call, you will share you requirements and plans as well as the open questions you have.  We can then provide validation of your Zoho software purchase plans and provide the guidance you need to feel confident you are on track.

  1. You have the scope of work lined up, and Zoho made it to your final list of potential solutions. But, before you purchase the software, you’d like an extra set of eyes to review your plans and software to make sure you avoid any project pitfalls and make sure you are purchasing exactly what you need from Zoho.

Here we will follow a similar process.  We will set up a call, you will share you requirements and plans as well as the open questions you have.  We can then provide validation of your Zoho software purchase plans and provide the guidance you need to feel confident you are on track.

  1. You are still trying to decide between Zoho and a different system.

We are experts in Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics 365, so if those are your two systems that you are trying to decide between then, we can definitely help you with comparing these two solutions by guiding you through the pros and cons.  We have a ton of experience helping clients pick the best system for their needs today as well as future proofing your purchase.

In the meanwhile, you can open a free Zoho trial account to test out the software and see how you like it.

Zoho’s Partners are certified professionals who specialize in implementing and optimizing Zoho’s suite of applications for businesses. By leveraging their expertise, Zoho’s Partners provide the following services:

  • Help to fit the right set of Zoho apps for business needs 
  • Zoho Implementation
  • Zoho integration with other tools
  • Migration to Zoho from other tools
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Team training.

A Zoho Advanced Partner is a company that has received official recognition from Zoho Corporation for their proficiency in selling, implementing, and supporting Zoho’s tools. Zoho Advanced Partners can help you make the most of your technology investment by providing solution design, implementation roadmap planning, Zoho apps implementation and integration, team training and support.


Maximize Zoho